The Russian Embassy sent a protest note to the British foreign office due to delayed visas

The Russian Embassy sent a protest note to the British foreign office due to delayed visas

LONDON, December 24. /Corr. Ilya Dmitriev/. The Russian Embassy in London sent a protest note to the British foreign office due to the fact that the extension of visas to Russian diplomats lasts several times longer than the average time. About this korr. it was reported in the Russian Embassy in the British capital.

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“Most diplomats and family members of the Russian Embassy in the UK will not be able to travel home for the Christmas holidays. Their passports were not returned with the visa extension from the foreign office”, – the interlocutor told.

“In accordance with current procedures, this process takes 4-5 weeks. In the case of Russian Embassy, some passports are at the visa extension for 16 weeks,” he said.

“Employees can not travel and is limited in the actions that require valid passports,” he added. “The corresponding note was sent today to the foreign office,” – said the diplomat.

“Political dialogue is low”

As was stressed at the Embassy, the actions of London, including introduced in the summer of this year, the basic limitation period of stay of employees of the Embassy three years, are a violation of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations of 1961. “This was done only against Russia violated the international obligations of London,” said the Russian diplomat.

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However, he drew attention to the negative trend in bilateral relations on which these events happen. “Published the national security Strategy the UK has positioned Russia as the main threat to national security and puts it on a par with (banned in the Russian Federation terrorist group) “Islamic state,” he said. The strategy was submitted in late November, Prime Minister David Cameron.

Referring to the current state of relations between the two countries, the source noticed that they left much to be desired. “Political dialogue is at a low level, the trade turnover between Russia and great Britain in 2015 has decreased by almost 50%, the effect of a number of intergovernmental commissions suspended at the initiative of the British side”, – have informed in Embassy of the Russian Federation.