The Russian foreign Ministry will seek justice against the arrested in Ukraine the Russian

The Russian foreign Ministry will seek justice against the arrested in Ukraine the Russian

MOSCOW, December 24. The Russian side will follow the fate of the arrested in Ukraine citizen of the Russian Federation Oleg Hlubina and to make against him was an injustice. This was stated at a briefing Director of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

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In February of this year, Hlupin moved from Russia to the territory of the proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic to visit his blind father-the disabled person who lives in the Lugansk region controlled by Kiev authorities. When crossing the demarcation line he was captured by armed men and within 12 days had been subjected to violence – torture and threats of death from the military personnel of the Ukrainian armed forces and members of the so-called territorial battalions “Aidar” and “Tornado”.

In early March, the Russian was taken in Kiev in the trunk of a car and placed in a detention facility. Under pressure from the investigating authorities Hlupin signed confessions under verbal assurances subsequent release. “There was organized recording of confessions to the camera, – said Zakharov. – The meeting with the Russian Consul, our citizen reported that for movies it up after beating 4 hours.”

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry drew attention to the fact that the Ukrainian side deliberately obstructed the provision of consular access to Lupino and disseminated through mass media stories, as if the fate of a Russian citizen no one does.

“The Ukrainian side deliberately delayed the submission of consular access to Russian citizen, she said. Only after Hlupin and his counsel refused to familiarize themselves with the indictment, September 16, SBU has granted consular access”.

Currently, continued Zakharova, Hlupin in detention. Concerning him criminal case on charges of “incomplete attempt at participation in a terrorist organization”. On the initiative of the Russian side in the case of Russia as a protector was connected to a experienced Ukrainian attorney Valentin Rybin, who is the founder of the organization “Fund for legal assistance to aliens “Odyssey”. This Fund protects many Russian and Ukrainian citizens that are charged in Ukraine in connection with events in the East of the country.

In October, the indictment was sent in Belovodsk district court of the Luhansk region, said Zakharova. “Currently, hearings are held via videoconference, which, unfortunately, subject to safety requirements is complicated by the presence of representatives of Embassy of the Russian Federation in court, – she said. – The decision of the court the measure of restraint in form of detention extended until January 12, 2016”.

“Forces of the Russian Embassy established supply Hlubina necessities – clothing, food, etc., – said official representative of Russian foreign Ministry. – Contact with relatives of the defendant. The actions of the Ukrainian security services we deemed absolute impunity and permissiveness, like pure politically biased attempts against the Russian citizen”.