Bankruptcy proceedings in “Transaero” will begin in may 2016

Moscow. December 25. Bankruptcy proceedings in “Transaero” could begin in may 2016, said the head of Sberbank German Gref.

“The company may go to bankruptcy”, – he told on air of TV channel “Russia 24”. According to Gref, until the company is run by the former owners.

According to him, for a long time the company has developed an unfortunate situation. “For us, there are still enough surprises in the company – the more we work the more we see surprises there. We see false statements. We see that even those aircraft that were under lease, unfortunately, was not contained in the normal state. There are a vast amount of equipment in an inoperable condition. There are large debts to companies, which were allocated to service the aircraft and the engines from the aircraft and we find all new and new debts. This, of course, very unpleasant” – summed Gref.

Gref advised the owners of the airlines to be more loyal to the creditors. “Today we have no communication with the owners, and I would highly recommend the owners may be to contact creditors and be more loyal to us. Because in fact the company has no assets, and we see that today’s non-transparent managers spend quite non-transparent actions with the property of the company, which already belongs to creditors. I would highly recommend them not to do it,” – said a top Manager of Sberbank.

Earlier Gref reported that “Transaero” has found new debts.

Transaero has gained about 250 billion rubles of debt and excess fleet in September was in the verge of bankruptcy, forcing the state to look for options to save her. It was assumed that the control in the company will be sold to Aeroflot for 1 ruble, but shareholders “Transaero” were not able to consolidate the required stake.

In mid-December the court at the request of the savings Bank has entered in “Transaero” the observation procedure.