Cabinet increases allocation for budget loans to the regions for 2 billion rubles

MOSCOW, December 25. The government increases budgetary allocation for the provision of budget loans to regions additional 2 billion rubles. The order signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev posted on the website of the Cabinet.

In explanation, the government recalls that, in 2015, provide for the granting from the Federal budget to the regions budgetary credits in the total amount to 310 billion rubles. On December 3 of this year the decree of the Cabinet volume of budgetary appropriations on granting from the Federal budget to the budgets of regions was increased by 30 billion roubles.

The signed Directive in 2015, the budget allocation for this purpose increased by 2 billion rubles.

“The increase in the volume of budget loans due to the task of ensuring balanced budgets of the constituent entities of the Federation, as well as the need to refinance its debt in the regions. The amendments are intended to use in 2015 of additional Federal funds received from return of budgetary loans provided to the budgets of subjects of Federation earlier, to support balanced regional budgets in the form of granting additional volume of budget loans”, – the document says.