Gazprom in 2015 took $7 billion

Moscow. December 25. “Gazprom” in 2015, attracted funds in excess of $7 billion, said in an interview to corporate magazine “Gazprom” the Chairman of the Board of Directors of concern Andrey Kruglov.

“In 2015, we attracted funds in the amount of more than $7 billion, received funding from a wide range of creditors, including European and American, placed Eurobonds”, – he said.

In the original version of the budget “Gazprom” has provided borrowing in the amount of 90 billion rubles, after review of the plank of the programme of borrowing was raised to 227,49 billion.

The number of debt deals of the year mentioned he engaged in April the club a loan of $500 million “with the active participation of Asian banks.” “In August the club received a loan of $ 1.5 billion from the five largest Chinese banks. Discovering the Chinese market, “Gazprom” intends to continue cooperation with our Chinese partners, including in the framework of transactions in the field of project financing. We can see that Gazprom is also interesting to Asian investors as we establish our presence in the Asia-Pacific region (APR). In particular, China will become one of the largest export destinations for Gazprom. Among the possible instruments to attract financing in the Asia Pacific region, we consider syndicated loans, project financing and bond issuance denominated in Asian currencies. We continue to actively work in the region and see great potential for cooperation in the future,” – said Kruglov.