Most Americans have accumulated more than $1 thousand

Moscow. December 25. About 62% of Americans have a savings account of less than $1 thousand, while 21% of US citizens it does not exist at all, writes MarketWatch citing a study Google Consumer Survey for website

The study was conducted in December among more than 5 thousand respondents.

“The fact that so many Americans have so little set aside for a rainy day, can not but cause concern, says the analyst of website Cameron Huddleston. – In the event of contingencies they will have to rely on loans, help from friends and relatives or even to withdraw funds from retirement accounts”.

It is noted that the highest percentage of those who do not have funds in the savings Bank, recorded among the representatives of the so-called “generation X”, that is, those who are 35-44 years of 31.6%. It is also interesting that this indicator is lowest among youth aged 18 to 24 years is 21.8%.

As shown earlier, a similar study of the Federal reserve system, 57% of Americans who had savings before the recession, during the crisis had to spend.