Naryshkin called the budget-the most difficult 2016 for 12 years

Moscow. December 24. State Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin believes that the law on the Federal budget for 2016 was the most difficult in his career.

“For my professional activities in Moscow, in government, in the presidential administration, the state Duma is for me 12th budget, he was the most difficult, at least for this period. Not coincidentally, he formed just one, 2016,” – said the speaker on the TV channel “Russia 24” on Thursday.

The Chairman of the state Duma added that “still, the budget is balanced and real, much has been improved in the course of the second reading”.

Naryshkin stated that the political parties of the state Duma demonstrated in the current year consolidation and the willingness to unite to face the challenges.

“Summary of 2015 – the ability of factions and parties to find a compromise on key issues in the development of society and the state. I can responsibly say that all four factions of the state Duma has proved himself wealthy, and responsible for the present and future of Russia”, – said the speaker.