New year in Crimea: tree made of bananas and the cheapest in Russia salad “Olivier”

New year in Crimea: tree made of bananas and the cheapest in Russia salad “Olivier”

SIMFEROPOL, December 25. Crimea is positioning itself as a year-round resort and is expected to host during new year celebrations at least 30 thousand tourists. For them, the Ministry of resorts and tourism of the Republic launched a special website “the New year in the Crimea 2016” ( The authors of the project with the slogan “Change the stereotypes” collected on the website all Christmas offers.

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Correspondents in the Crimea also told in detail – how much new year’s table for Crimean residents and guests. Journalists, for example, found that the average cost of a salad “Olivier” in Crimea is one of the lowest in Russia – about 300 rubles. Champagne will of the Crimean manufacturers, from simple to collector’s.

How much is a holiday in Yalta

“The average cost of living with the Christmas program from December 31 to January 1 for one person – 7 500 rubles. After new year’s eve the cost of accommodation and meals in the average price of 2 500 rubles”, – said today the Minister of resorts and tourism of Crimea Sergey strelbitskiy.

For example, in Yalta five-night stay in the hotel of level of three stars, with a Christmas Banquet, the flights Moscow – Simferopol-Moscow and transfer to the hotel will cost between 55-65 thousand rubles for two.

Most of the hotels in this area of Crimea offers especially the popular all inclusive packages and a Shuttle service from the hotel.

“The prices in the resorts of Krasnodar region approximately correspond to the prices of the Crimean hotels and resorts, if you compare by category of hotels, which is good – the guests the same level of wealth there is a choice between two of the most popular holiday in Russia’s regions, despite the fact that tourist products and opportunities the regions are completely different,” he said.

Tree made of bananas and frost parade

The largest cities of the Crimean authorities prepared for tourists and local residents a number of free events. For example, on December 26 in Yalta will be the sixth Christmas parade. For the first time on the waterfront will be the smallest and the highest Santas, walk bikers “Night wolves” will deliver the popular actor Andrey Razin. 1 to 3 January on the waterfront scheduled children’s programs, family contest “Snowman without snow”, a karaoke competition, skating children sledding and concert programs. From 7 to 10 January there will be the traditional Christmas festivities.

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In Feodosia the first day of the year will open “bathing season in 2016”. Traditionally the event is held on the Central beach, which falls within the field of view of Webcams, and it can be seen from anywhere in the world. The organizers invite holiday guests to bring inflatable tubes, masks, fins, beach umbrellas, mattresses and everything that reminds about the upcoming summer.

In Sudak will install an unusual Christmas tree made of bananas. It is planned that the “banana tree” will be about three meters tall, and the top decorated with tangerines. For the manufacture of unusual Christmas beauties will take about 100 kg of bananas. Also on this day there will be a carnival of creative Christmas trees.

Pictures should fade

Minkurortov Crimea in advance warned local hotels and resorts from Christmas price hikes, because it “can cause serious damage to the image” of the Peninsula. Excluded and speculation in trade – because of the state of emergency officials and law enforcement agencies on a daily basis monitor the prices of the products. Violators collects the Prosecutor’s office and announce warnings. Just a month made almost five hundred warnings. “All done, prices are reduced, entrepreneurs understand. No hard-core”, – reported earlier, the Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya.

Champagne – only local

A must for every Christmas table champagne Crimeans, most likely, will drink local – it is the most cheap and the choice is quite wide. One of the cheapest brands “Zolotaya Balka”. More expensive – companies “Legend of the Crimea” and “Inkerman”, on top of the price range (up to 900 rubles), “New world”.

Ingredients for new year’s “Olivier” Crimeans, most likely, also will use local. That is why the cost of this festive salad in the Crimea is much cheaper than in other regions of Russia. Local journalists found that the average cost in the Crimea about 300 rubles. While in Moscow “Olivier” will cost about 700 rubles, and on Yamal – more than 900 rubles.

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Products for new year’s table, on the Crimean Peninsula are imported from the mainland, the local shops are more expensive. The cheapest can of caviar is a standard size, which managed to find the offset, worth 390 rubles.

Salted herring for another favorite salad of new year Crimeans will cost an average of 220 rubles per kilogram. Bananas – about 100 rubles per kilogram, oranges and tangerines from 90 to 120 rubles, pineapple – 450 roubles apiece. A small cake for the festive table, you can buy average of 300 rubles, cake with butter cream for 30-50 rubles.