Temrezov: KCR has great potential for import substitution

Temrezov: KCR has great potential for import substitution

According to the head of KCHR, economic difficulties, along with other regions of Russia, faced Karachay-Cherkessia, should serve as an impetus for new the hard work that is ahead of us in 2016.

CHERKESSK, December 25 –. Karachay-Cherkessia plans to intensify work on the program of import substitution – the Republic has great prospects in industry and in agriculture and the tourism industry, said the head of KCHR Rashid Temrezov.

“We have long remained an agricultural region. In recent years the situation has changed radically. In the Republic there are projects in light industry and mining, engineering, manufacturing non-metallic mineral products, construction materials, is in full swing modernization of the largest enterprises. In Karachaevo-Circassia there is every reason to declare itself as a site with rich potential for the development of industry”, — said Temrezov.

According to the head of KCHR, economic difficulties, along with other regions of Russia, faced Karachay-Cherkessia, should serve as an impetus for new the hard work that is ahead of us in 2016. One of the main areas – solving problems on import substitution in industry, agriculture, tourism.

Temrezov noted that the industry felt the crisis phenomena in the economy, however, has come to the end of the year with a positive index of industrial production: compared to last year it was 119%.

“The cooperation and support of Federal agencies interested in the region produced quality products instead of imported is a big help to us. The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation approved a Federal government program of import substitution today, along with other regions of Russia, in the Republic of development, regional industry plan. Significant measures of state support will be rendered to the enterprises that will participate in the program of import substitution. Karachay-Cherkessia are ready to sign the agreement with the Fund industry development by the end of this year,” he said.

Temrezov added that a major tool to support economically significant investment projects in industry and agriculture is the state program “Development of the North Caucasus Federal district until 2025” in the new edition.

The head of the region believes that without investment we cannot make significant progress in the economy and in the Republic is constantly working.

“There are some serious preferences for investors, including exemption from tax in certain cases provided by law. Much today is done in order to improve the investment climate, we are ready to meet anyone who wants to do business in the territory of the Republic. Most importantly, to date, none of our investors have not abandoned their intentions, and all the ongoing projects are being successfully implemented. To date, the region implemented 17 major investment projects, and the total investment portfolio of about 30 projects. Their implementation will create over 15 thousand new jobs, will contribute to a markedly improved well-being and social security of people. All of this is real results. Investor activity we consider as an indispensable condition for overcoming the economic problems, a certain growth point of the economy,” he said.

Temrezov reminded that, in General, over the last four years the volume of investments in fixed capital increased in the Republic more than twice. So, in 2014, Karachay-Cherkessia was allocated for the development of economy and social sphere more than 21 billion rubles of investment, of which $ 15 billion extra-budgetary investments.

Agriculture is another promising sector, as the climate provides over 300 days of sunshine. Unique natural and climatic conditions are favorable for the development of agro-industrial complex, a very real goal which is the complete substitution, the head of KCHR.

According to him, the rate of growth of agricultural production in the Republic in 2015 is almost three times higher than the Russian average. And the yield of grain crops, the region ranked third in the country. This is largely the result of the implementation of target programs of support of beginning farmers and family livestock farms. Moreover, even in the current circumstances, the grants and lump sum assistance is constantly increasing. And the share of small businesses in total volume of agricultural products is more than 70%.

In just the last three years, grants have become 497 beginner farmers, and 306 of the heads of peasant households received grants to develop family livestock farms. The grantees purchased approximately five thousand head of cattle, about 800 head of sheep, 38 constructed and reconstructed livestock farms and moggies acquired 37 units of agricultural machinery and implementation of target programs of development of meat cattle breeding has allowed the country back in 2012 to double the number of breeding cattle and to create a network of breeding reproducers.

“A plan to promote import substitution for 2015-2017 — the base for our success”, — said the head of the region.

Tourism is one of the major investment projects — the creation of an all-season mountain resort “Arkhyz”, which is implemented in the framework of public-private partnership.

“At the expense of the budget, Federal and regional, we have built the objects of the external infrastructure – we have gas, water, electricity, great roads. The company “resorts of the North Caucasus” and investors are laid ski trails, built and successfully operates a modern cable car. Comfort new provide of. In this case, I always emphasize that the resort “Arkhyz” is at the very beginning of its development. If two seasons tourists came to the first village resort – Romantic, this year we are opening the new ski facilities and infrastructure in the second settlement – lunar glade. Grow the capacity of the resort, and therefore, will increase the flow of tourists. Conversely, the increased demand for the resort, is a powerful stimulus for the development of hotel and ski infrastructure. And we will continue to do well as the construction of the resort “Arhiz” — strategically important for our Republic”, — said Temrezov.

He added that it would be wrong to expect from a developing resort of an emergency tax returns “the guarantee of investment attractiveness of the Republic, the project is able to give impetus to the development of dozens of related industries, create new jobs for local residents”.

The key objectives for the next year the head of the region poses a continued commitment to performance of “may decrees”.

“It was a difficult year, but we have achieved significant results. We adopted a budget for 2016 that almost 80% of socially oriented. We will allocate money for rural development, namely – on the water. In the new year will also increase budgetary allocations for the provision of certain categories of citizens by state social assistance in the supply of medicines, the budget includes funds for the implementation of the national program of maternity capital”, — said the head of the KCHR.

The Republic manages to ensure the growth of monetary incomes of the population, primarily at the expense of wage indexation in the public sector in the framework of implementation “may” decrees. If in 2011 the average salary in the Republic amounted to 53.3% of the national average, last year – already 60%.

Over the past few years in the country built more than 250 health facilities, education, physical culture and sports, gas and water supply. Temrezov emphasized that in 2016 the Republic will continue to work on the construction and reconstruction of social institutions.

“Our main goal is to make the life of the population of Karachay-Cherkessia safe and comfortable. Today, in conditions of difficult economic situation, we have acute problem of use of competitive advantages of the region with the greatest effect to provide state support for the real economy. In Karachaevo-Circassia there is every reason to declare itself as a site with rich potential for the development of industry, the production of ecologically clean agricultural products and tourism,” concluded Temrezov.

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