The General staff: intelligence of the Russian Federation found almost 12 thousand trucks and wagons on the border of Turkey and Iraq

The General staff: intelligence of the Russian Federation found almost 12 thousand trucks and wagons on the border of Turkey and Iraq

MOSCOW, December 25. Russian intelligence discovered almost 12 thousand trucks and wagons on the Turkish-Iraqi border near Zakho settlement, where the “Eastern” route of illegal oil trade by Islamic state.

This was reported to journalists by the chief of the main operations Directorate of the General staff Sergey rudskoy.

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“At the time of the shooting in the district of Zakho on both sides of the Turkish-Iraqi border was 11775 fuel tankers and trucks. 4530 of them in Turkey, 7245 – in Iraq,” said the General. He also showed enlarged photographs of the area in squares.

So, on the Turkish side in the square “A”, showed rudskoy, 3,85 are thousands of trucks and heavy vehicles – 200 of them are moving towards the Iraqi border, the rest are concentrated in the Parking lots. In the box B, in immediate proximity from the border, intelligence found 980 fuel tankers and trucks in Iraq and 680 in Turkey.

About 4.9 thousand trucks are concentrated in the square “In” and about a thousand of 1.35 – squared “G”, told the head of main operational Department. “It should be noted that through this checkpoint should the oil produced in Iraq and in Syria,” he added. “Crossing the Syrian-Turkish border nalepnica oil proceeds,” stated rudskoy.

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“We have carefully reviewed the reports of foreign media, comments of experts and officials, published after the publication of the Russian defense Ministry information about the routes of oil smuggling, illegally exploited the ISIL (the former name of the terrorist organization “Islamic state”, is prohibited in the Russian Federation – ed.). For many of them information about where and how nettraffic from the territories controlled by the rebels, was not a revelation. The presented photo and video evidence only confirmed the existing guesses and versions about who covers sources of criminal proceeds terrorists,” said rudskoy.

The commander also noted that the number of trucks moving through the “Northern” and “Western” routes from Syria to Turkey, has decreased significantly. “According to satellite reconnaissance, in recent days there has been a significant decline in the number of “nalepnice” moving on “Northern” route in the direction of the refinery complex in the city of Batman. According to Rudskoy, a similar situation on the “Western” route on the route reyhanlı – Iskenderun. “The number of trucks decreased to 265 units,” said the General.

The militants because airstrikes of the Russian Federation began to carry oil to Turkey by night

Rudskoy also mentioned that the militants because of the actions of the Russian air force are forced to transport oil to Turkey for the “Northern” and “Western” routes mainly at night, masking the tanker under normal trucks. “The trucks are disguised as ordinary trucks and move in small columns, several dozen vehicles”, – said the General.

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Russian aircraft, he said, last week killed in Syria 37 facilities for the extraction and processing of oil used by terrorists, since the beginning of operations destroyed about 2 thousand tank trucks belonging to the rebels.

According to the defense Ministry, at the disposal of terrorists are about 8.5 thousand tanker trucks that carry about 200 thousand barrels per day. In this case, said the military, thanks to the strikes of Russian aviation revenues of militants from illegal trade in oil was reduced from $3 million to $1.5 million.

Rudskoy emphasized that the terrorists, trying to avoid the blows of the Russian aviation on the territory of Syria, changing the way oil smuggling and pave new routes, but the ultimate point remains Turkey.