The Russians found the high exchange rate of the ruble is beneficial for the economy

Moscow. December 26. The authorities should contribute to the appreciation of the rouble (52%), it is useful for economy of the Russian Federation (63%) think the Russians interrogated by Fund “Public opinion”.

In this case 4%, on the contrary, recommend the Russian authorities to engage in the depreciation of the ruble, and 21% offer to keep the rate unchanged, showed a survey conducted on 19-20 December among 1,500 respondents in 104 settlements of the 53 subjects of the Russian Federation.

Another 3% of Russians believe that the authorities do not should take in this regard, 21% found it difficult to answer.

That for the Russian economy more profitable, more useful than the ruble’s decline, said every tenth (11%), and 26% no answer on this question.

In General, over the course of the Russian currency keeps 47% of respondents. In fact, 78%, fluctuations in the exchange rate affect the lives of people like them (58% called the influence of strong).

An unambiguous prediction about our immediate fate of the ruble Russians to give difficult: 27% felt they will decline, 20%, on the contrary, he will grow 19% believe it will remain unchanged, while 34% were undecided.