VC commander-in-chief of the Russian Federation: the Russian aircraft never attacked in Syria as civilian objects

VC commander-in-chief of the Russian Federation: the Russian aircraft never attacked in Syria as civilian objects

MOSCOW, December 27. The Russian pilots never attacked in Syria as civilian objects. About it on air of TV channel “Russia 24” said the commander of aerospace forces of Russia (RF ATT) Colonel – General Viktor Bondarev.

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The General staff: the aircraft of the Russian Federation on 24 December caused almost 200 strikes on militants in Syria

“I want the dignity to say that my pilots for all the time spent there never missed, never struck blows to the “forbidden” objects, so-called “sensitive places” are schools, hospitals, mosques and other Holy places,” he said.

According to, Bondareva, the operation in Syria has been thoroughly thought out. “We have prepared the roster, the players interact with the local Syrian leadership and with our intelligence agencies. Said, where, who is: in what areas can work, on what must be very careful,” he said.

“Because of this, the results you see” – he said. Bondarev stressed that the first VC of the Russian Federation openly informed the public about the objectives and results in Syria.

Russian aviation since the beginning of operations in Syria has fulfilled 5240 sorties, of which 145 made the Long aircraft.

Earlier Human Rights Watch has accused Russia of using cluster munitions in Syria, as a result, according to human rights activists, civilians.

“Fakes and stamps”

Earlier, speaking about the Amnesty International report on Syria, the official representative of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov, said that the document contains no real facts on the use of cluster bombs, VKS RF.

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Dolgov called the report of Amnesty International about the actions of VKS the Russian base in Syria duck

“We have read the report – again, nothing specific and nothing new has been published. The same stamps and fakes, which we have repeatedly exposed before. In the report all the time used expressions such as “presumably Russian airstrikes”, “possible violations of international law”, and so on. That is a solid assumption without any evidence,” he said.

As recalled Konashenkov, Amnesty International claims that in areas for which applied “presumably Russian air strikes”, there were no military objectives and fighters.

“But they can know it and check. It is known that jihadists in Syria are highly mobile units that use the already infamous Toyota pickups installed on them with large-caliber weapons,” he said.

Defense Ministry spokesman noted that according to the classification of the US army every machine “is a tactical unit and is considered a legitimate military target”. “By the way, some of these machines, as already proved, were in Syria from the territory of the USA,” he added.