About 13 billion DM are still not traded on the Euro

Moscow. December 28. The citizens of Germany and other countries still have about 12.9 billion DM, although since the full transition to the Euro has been almost 14 years, reports Deutsche Welle.

According to the Bundesbank (German Central Bank), at the end of November 2015 the population there are about 168 million notes and 24 billion out-of-circulation coins.

Thus, it has remained at approximately 4% of banknotes and 54% coins old currency. According to the Bundesbank, the German mark also was in wide circulation in the countries of the former Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe, where a significant portion of the money supply, apparently, and remained still.

Meanwhile, to exchange the Deutschmark for the Euro is still possible in all branches of the Bundesbank without any additional fees or restrictions. The exchange rate is 1 Euro for 1,95583 brand. From January to November 2015 in Germany brand exchanged for Euro 176 thousand. During this time in Germany changed approximately 98.7 million DM 50.5 million.