Aerion was going to build a supersonic private jet by 2021

Moscow. December 28. The American company Aerion Corp. planning to build the world’s first supersonic private jet by 2021, writes MarketWatch.

According to the head of the company Doug Nichols, a former top Manager at Boeing, an aircraft called AS2 will be able to develop the speed, one and a half times the speed of sound. It is expected that the aircraft can accommodate 12 passengers, will make its first test flight in 2021 and will go on sale two years later.

Presumably, the new aircraft will be worth $120 million, and for its development the company plans to spend about $4 billion.

By design, the aircraft will be used primarily for transatlantic flights and for communication between the Persian Gulf countries and China. The distance from London to new York AS2 will be able to overcome for 4.5 hours instead of the usual seven hours.

Analysts say that one of the main obstacles to the creation of supersonic aircraft would not even its price, and the ban on flights of these liners over the United States. Many other countries also imposed restrictions for commercial aircraft flying faster than the speed of sound, due to the high level of noise that they create, breaking the sound barrier.

For all history there were only two cases of commercial use of supersonic passenger aircraft. Soviet Tu-144 withdrawn from service in 1978, the Anglo-French Concorde in 2003.