Before the New year in Moscow on 5% rose PCs and laptops

MOSCOW, December 28. Personal computers (PCs) and laptops in Moscow for a month from 23 November to 21 December 2015 rose by 5%, graphics card – 11.6%, displays – 8%, and hard disks – almost 4%. This is evidenced by data from regular monitoring of the purchasing power of Muscovites in the field of ICT, prepared by the research division of the Moscow Department of information technology (DIT).

The main reason for the price increases on digital equipment, experts believe the change in currency exchange rates.

According to DIT, in August 2015 the cost of PCs has overcome psychologically important mark in 50 thousand rubles By the end of the year, the average price of a PC (with monitor) stood at 53 thousand rubles to Buy in Moscow the laptop in an average of 33.3 thousand rubles., ultrabook is nearly 70 thousand rubles.

“Sellers of electronics equipment buying large quantities in advance and are interested in the maximum amount of sales of their stocks. So this year the price increase is already expected, – said the head of the analytical division DIT Alexey Chukarin. – The ruble continues to decline, therefore, the prices of electronics can grow early next year.”

Overall at year-end prices for digital technique in rubles increased on average by 27.5% compared with December 2014, while those in foreign currency decreased by 4%. Heaviest for the year rose DVD players, monoblocks, GPS with support for GLONASS, e-books, smart watches and 3G-modems. Software rose by an average of 11% in rubles, the greatest growth showed the prices of operating systems – almost 55%. Slowest in 2015, growing prices of services in the field of ICT – an increase of 10.4% in rubles, while the dollar prices of services decreased by 20.3%. Average for mobile services in General has declined in rubles by 17%.

Monitoring the purchasing power of Muscovites in the field of ICT DIT of Moscow is formed on the basis of information received from retail networks, Internet aggregators, in particular, “Yandex.Market” and and own analysis of the largest Internet shops and websites operators.