Dvorkovich: the system “Platon” has minimal impact on rising prices

Dvorkovich: the system “Platon” has minimal impact on rising prices

MOSCOW, December 28. The impact of the toll collection system for heavy trucks to travel on Federal highways “Plato” the price growth will not exceed 1 percent. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich in interview to TV channel “Russia 24”.

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“While the effect was very small – literally a few tenths of a percent. It might not be noticeable to the market as a whole. The value of the individual item can be up to one percent,” he said.

“While in some areas the shortage of cars appears, it increases the shipping cost. Then rolled back the prices to normal levels when large companies take these volumes,” – said Dvorkovich.

The abolition of tax

The law on cancellation of transport tax for freight forwarders in connection with the launch of a system to collect fare trucks on Federal highways “Plato” will be adopted in the spring, said Dvorkovich.

“The President has instructed the government to take measures to alleviate the financial burden on the carriers, namely the abolition of the transport tax on the appropriate vehicles. Such a bill is being prepared and will be in the spring session adopted”, – said Dvorkovich.
“We will also develop a system of patents for individual carriers, to small business, which in this area is to continue to work on a legal basis, paying all fees,” he added.