In the Kaliningrad region completed demarcation of the Russian-Lithuanian border

KALININGRAD, December 28. In the Kaliningrad region completed demarcation of the state border of the Russian Federation with Lithuania, which began in 2006. In Nesterovsky district in the district of the frontier Chernyshevsky – kibartaj in the city of Nesterov is set five hundred seventy-second and last on the Russian-Lithuanian border border sign.

“Border demarcation is actually completed, during the year, we will complete paperwork. We went on a normal partnerskie relationship (with Lithuania – approx.), and disagreements over the border is not” – said at the ceremony the Governor of the region Nikolay Tsukanov.

Kaliningrad is surrounded by EU States. The total length of the borders with Poland and Lithuania, including sea areas of the Curonian and Kaliningrad bays, is 648,3 km, of which land border with Poland – 236,3 km, Lithuania – 285,9 km, sea areas – to 126.1 km around lake vistytis is the point of intersection of borders of all three States.

Thus, ended the demarcation of the Russian-Lithuanian border length 285,9 km, started in 2006. On the Russian-Polish border at the present time work is proceeding on the installation of boundary pillars of the new sample. It is scheduled for completion by 2016. Just installed more than 400 new border markers.