Kudrin spoke out against anti-Turkish economic sanctions

Moscow. December 28. Former Minister of Finance, the head of Committee of civil initiatives Alexei Kudrin has a negative attitude to the sanctions imposed by Russia against Turkey.

“Russia has changed its position on sanctions. My opinion on the matter remained unchanged: in principle, I am against economic sanctions against Russia, and against Turkey,” he said on Monday.

“I think, after the attack on the su-24 had to be limited to political demarches in Ankara. Economic relations limit is not worth, as this suffers the Russian business: no do components for the Russian industry, leaving construction workers”, – noted ex-the Minister.

In his words, “changing the rules of the game always affects the state of the institutions of the economy.”

“The Institute is the most important thing today is on the world market. Today, countries are competing not the production of potatoes and production of electronic chips, and institutions that generate and update your production. Open interaction with leading countries, especially with neighbors, is always the additional factor of growth of the country”, – said Kudrin.

He is convinced that “the theory of the protectionist barrier to limit imports, and because of that more will make themselves, is flawed.”

“The most effective openness of interaction with the leading countries: we import the best from others. A natural control is the exchange rate. That’s why I have a negative attitude to sanctions against other countries,” – said Kudrin.

In his opinion, the only thing that was done correctly, the introduction of measures to ensure the safety of Russian tourists.