Lavrov: decisive action of the Russian space forces in Syria helped to stem the tide of militants

Lavrov: decisive action of the Russian space forces in Syria helped to stem the tide of militants

MOSCOW, December 28. Decisive action of Air and space forces of Russia in response to the request, the Syrian authorities helped to withstand the onslaught of the militants.

This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov in interview to Agency “Interfax” posted on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry.

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As the Minister said, this year was marked by “unprecedented increase in terrorist threat.” “Terrorists from the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization – ed.), other extremist groups held significant territory in Syria and Iraq, have committed countless heinous crimes, including the attacks against the citizens of Russia, EU, Middle East, Africa, the US, provoked the mass Exodus of people, including towards the EU member States, made plans of creating a “Caliphate” from the Atlantic to the shores of Pakistan – said Lavrov. – Their actions created a real threat not only to regional but also international security.”

“In these conditions Russia acted actively and dynamically, strived to be on top of responsibility for the course of events in the world as one of the largest States, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, – said the Minister. – A key direction of Russian diplomacy was to ensure the leadership role of our country in mobilizing international response to terrorist aggression, the creation of a broad anti-terrorist front”.

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“Decisive action by the VC in response to the request of the Syrian government have helped to contain the onslaught of the militants, – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. – As a result significantly clearer picture of what is happening, was seen struggling with the extremists, and who acts as their accomplices, trying to use them for their own selfish purposes, deals like Turkey, a treacherous stab in the back those who confronted the terrorist threat”.

“We always proceeded from the assumption that terrorism cannot be defeated only by military means, it must be combined with a political settlement of conflict situations, assistance to economic rehabilitation of the affected States, with the confrontation of extremist ideology, – noticed Lavrov. – Our approach contributed to the launch of the so-called “Vienna process” in promoting a political settlement in Syria with the participation of all States, is able to make a tangible contribution to these efforts”.

Russia will continue to contribute to the settlement of the Syrian crisis

Russia will continue to contribute to the settlement of the Syrian crisis on the basis adopted on 18 December resolution of the UN Security Council, despite the fact that “the unity of opinion in the opposition is still lacking”, said Lavrov.

“A key principle – the future of Syria must be determined by the Syrians themselves on the basis of preserving the sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity, – said the head of the Russian depodesta. – Now it comes to the opposition under the auspices of the UN envoy on Syria has formed a collective platform and decided on the composition of their delegation. While the consensus in the opposition is absent, while the Syrian government has said it is ready to negotiate. All these are no simple tasks, they hurriedly not to solve it. But we don’t want this process dragged on indefinitely. We will contribute to its promotion based on agreed benchmarks”.

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Lavrov noted that the process of political settlement in Syria is in many ways “will depend on the effectiveness of efforts to establish coordination in counter-terrorism”. “We believe that in the face of this challenge, you must put aside all the unimportant, focus on the reflection of the main danger, as it was in the years of struggle against Nazism, – he stressed. – While we are seeing a fragmentation of efforts that is not good business”.

In addition, the head of the Russian depodesta recalled adopted on 18 December the UN security Council resolution, which endorsed the understandings developed in the framework of the International support group in Syria. “The resolution specifies the vector of joint action is the fight against terrorists in Syrian territory, which implies unanimity in the identification of terrorist groups and advancing the political process – Lavrov said. – It is assumed that the Syrians on the basis of mutual consent between the government and the entire spectrum of the opposition must agree on a joint government of his country, on a nondenominational basis, to develop a new Constitution and hold elections under the supervision of the UN. On the whole this process is given approximately a year and a half”.