Lavrov: “Normandy four” have an understanding about the continuation of the Minsk agreements

MOSCOW, December 28. In the framework of the “channel four” agreed that the Minsk agreements will continue to operate next year. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov in interview to Agency “Interfax” posted Monday on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry.

According to him, in the fulfilment of the Minsk agreements “very much will depend on the effectiveness of dialogue between Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk”. “The conflict parties, primarily the Ukrainian authorities, must find the political will to implement through negotiation those compromises which are enshrined in the Minsk package of measures, he said. It is totally pointless to impose his position unilaterally and to try to shift the blame for delays in the settlement of Kiev in Russia, and even justifying the continuation of these absurd sanctions policy against our country.”

“With Europe becoming more aware of what is happening, including the fact that a new attempt of the Kiev authorities to resort to military force – and these plans are hatched – have grave, tragic consequences, particularly for the Ukrainian people,” – said the Minister.

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry expressed hope that in overcoming the Ukrainian crisis will prevail sober, responsible approach. He recalled that the crisis “was kindled directly on the borders of Russia as a result of the irresponsible actions of the USA and the EU on the expansion controlled geopolitical space, brought untold suffering to the people of Ukraine and continues to poison the atmosphere on the European continent”.

“Throughout the year our country was doing everything to help the Ukrainians to overcome the internal conflict, to restore national harmony and to return to the path of sustainable development, – said Lavrov. – With active personal participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin in February was agreed on the Minsk package of measures representing a balanced uncontested the basis for a political settlement. Based on it achieved a ceasefire, which, though impaired, is generally followed”.

“Russia will continue its consistent efforts aimed at persuading the parties of the need for a speedy settlement of the crisis on the basis of clear and honest fulfillment of the Minsk agreements, – said the foreign Minister. – We expect that the same will operate all other States with opportunities to influence the situation. In this case, there is a real chance of success”.