MPs and businesses call on Moscow authorities to introduce a moratorium on the demolition of illegal buildings in the capital

MOSCOW, December 28. State Duma deputies and representatives of small and medium business outraged by the actions of the city government in the part demolition of 104 buildings recognized unauthorized constructions, and urge the city authorities to impose a moratorium on the relevant resolution. This issue was discussed on Monday at a round table with participation of representatives of the state and the business community, held in “Business Russia”.

In the materials prepared for the event, said that on 8 December 2015, the resolution of the government of Moscow (N829-PP – ed.) on the demolition of unauthorized constructions 104, located in the city. Mainly in the enterprises of trade, public catering and consumer services. In their number fell and the shopping center “Pyramid”, located on Tverskaya street near the metro station “Tverskaya”.

The roundtable participants agreed that this decree not only violates the constitutional rights to private property, but can also deprive jobs of about 10 thousand people. The main reason for the indignation of the business community was the timing of execution of the decision: the first demolition is scheduled for 8 January 2016, and to complete this work is scheduled for mid-February 2016

“We understand that prior to January 8, you can’t really evaluate the property and to show the officials their legal documents, because, most likely, they will be on leave. I think the most sensible decision to take some time to analyze all positions and try not to make irreversible steps, when the object to be demolished, and it turns out that he was a completely legitimate structure,” said Corr. first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on housing policy and housing Elena Nikolaeva.

She stressed the need for detailed understanding for each object, since the vast majority of them there are also evidence of ownership, and the decisions of the courts confirming that the objects are not of the unauthorized buildings, and erected in accordance with the then existing rules and regulations.

“We need to separate those who are really the squatter occupied the land, something is built and is not entirely legal kind of business. And those who are entirely legally got permits, built their facilities and exploit them, and only now somehow their buildings were in the list of decrees of the government,” – said Nikolaev.

According to the results of the “round table” meeting participants drafted and signed a letter to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin with a call to suspend this regulation and to establish a working group that includes entrepreneurs and experts, for a detailed study of the documents for the demolition of these facilities.