New rules of currency exchange may cause people to conduct transactions over the Internet

New rules of currency exchange may cause people to conduct transactions over the Internet

MOSCOW, December 28. Banks and exchange offices Monday and began to exchange currency for the sum over 15 thousand roubles under the new rules, which the client will require a passport and will fill in the questionnaire. For the citizens who came to the Bank for the first time, the procedure of exchange can stretch over time. As a result, new regulations may push customers to exchange currency over the Internet and banks to get exchangers in “shadow”, to break the rules.

To identify new customers, banks will have to spend some time that will extend the performance of currency exchange operations. In order not to waste time on the exchange in lines, citizens can start to trade her in remote banking channels.

“The new rules of exchange may push citizens to make currency exchange operations via the Internet Bank or other self-service channels. We already now, according to our statistics, over 30% of transactions happening in the Internet Bank. But this step will set back”, – notes the Deputy Chairman of the management Board of Raiffeisenbank Andrey Stepanenko.

The Bank “home Credit” reported that the implementation of foreign exchange operations with the use of remote account management additional identification is not required.

While the new rules apply in different banks in different ways

In branch of the savings Bank, located at Slavyansky Bulvar, the correspondent, who wishes to exchange currency for the sum over 15 thousand roubles, and only a passport. To fill out the questionnaire themselves or to put a signature on any documents it was not necessary, and the exchange took 1.5 minutes. The teller said that changing the currency under the old rules. It is worth noting that the correspondent is already a client of Sberbank.

In the Bank vanguard the exchange took a quarter of an hour. The correspondent, who is not a client of the Bank, had a double pass and identification at the teller, and cashier. A form on the client, the cashier filled out independently: the girl made in the form of passport data, including registration, and asked for the mobile number. Then I had to go to the Bank teller, which scanned the passport, assured by the signature and seal. With this scan I had to go back to the cashier, queue up, then to sign a certificate of exchange, and then exchange money. The whole process took 14 minutes, the cashier said that next time will be faster because the passport data already in the database and to scan anything don’t have to.

Banks adjust to new rules

As noted in a press-service of the savings Bank, the new rules establish uniform requirements for customer identification when carrying out cash foreign exchange transactions. Canceled a simplified procedure of identification, which was previously used for amounts from 15 thousand to 600 thousand rubles. In a press-service of the Bank VTB24 reported that effective December 27, 2015 new rules of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the identification of clients by banks do not provide additional difficulties in the exchange of currency at the offices of VTB24.

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“For the transaction they will still be required only the passport. New requirements the Central Bank would affect the internal procedures of the Bank concerning the handling of client information in the appropriate registers”, – noted in press service.

In most cases the client does not have to fill out any questionnaires for them to do the Bank staff. This was reported in the absolute-Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Promsvyazbank. Although there are exceptions. In the UniCredit Bank said will offer customers a self-completed questionnaire, but if necessary this can be done by Bank officer with subsequent certification by the client’s handwritten signature. In the event of failure of the client to fill in the questionnaire, the Bank is entitled to refuse the exchange, said in UniCreditBank.

The new rules of exchange will primarily affect new customers banks first stopped in the office. So, PSB reported that the questionnaire will need to fill for new clients only, for older will be scheduled to update information at least once a year.

According to the head of operational services at Absolut Bank Ekaterina Sirotina, priority in the selection of the channel of service will remain favorable for the customer the exchange rate. “Thus, customers will prefer the channel in which course will be more attractive,” said Sirotina. In her view, for customers innovations will not significantly increase the speed of transaction in the Bank’s branches – on for 1-2 minutes.

In turn, the head of the Association of Russian banks (ARB) Garegin Tosunyan fears that the complexity of procedure of currency exchange may cause banks to withdraw currency-exchange operations in the “shadow” and “gray” area. “Very few people thinks. This should be treated professionally, not just to offer everything to regulate. The banks understand that this complicates their job,” said Tosunyan.