Novak: Russia is ready to increase gas supplies to Turkey

Novak: Russia is ready to increase gas supplies to Turkey

MOSCOW, December 28. Russia is ready to increase gas supplies to Turkey, said energy Minister Alexander Novak.

“Russia has the gas, gas from Russia is quite cheap. We have an appropriate infrastructure, and we are guaranteed to be ready to deliver and expand the volume of gas (in Turkey)”, – the Minister said in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”

“Turkish stream”

Novak also believes that the project “Turkish stream” has prospects, but so far negotiations have not resumed.

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“Now the negotiations on the route of Turkish stream not resumed since the summer, when we sent the draft agreement to our Turkish partners. This was due, primarily, to lack of, shall we say, permanent government in Turkey… If our colleagues will be interested in this project, we will continue these negotiations… But until all parties are ready to implement it”, – he said.

As the Minister said, a very important condition for the construction of the pipeline is the development of infrastructure in Central and South-Eastern Europe “Now is the European Commission together with the energy Ministers of South-East Europe, prepare proposals for the development of appropriate gas infrastructure for the transportation of gas” – said Novak.