Poltavchenko: Petersburg budget allocated credit for “Aeroexpress”

St. PETERSBURG, 28 Dec.ong> St. Petersburg allocated a budget loan of 10 billion rubles for the construction of the line “the Aeroexpress train” to the airport “Pulkovo”, told reporters the Governor of the Northern capital Georgy Poltavchenko.

Passengers arriving at St. Petersburg airport, often experience difficulty in getting to the city. The authorities of the Northern capital is not the first to discuss the possibility of creating a line “the Aeroexpress train”.

“Largely thanks to the support of Valentina Matvienko and the leadership position of the country to the St. Petersburg budget a loan at 1.5% per annum in the amount of 10 billion rubles”, — said the Governor.

According to him, credit funds will be used for the construction of a transport hub in St. Petersburg, the necessary infrastructure in “Pulkovo”, as well as interchanges with existing road and rail routes.

The total project cost is estimated at 16-18 billion rubles.

“We are negotiating with Russian Railways, a company that deals with these shipments, and our investors, including the LSR Group to collect a block co-investors. As I said, this project is needed not so much for the 2018 world Cup (FIFA world Cup – ed.) and in principle for the development of the city”, — said Poltavchenko.

He also said that at present it is considered two variants of the route “Aeroexpress”. “The question consists in how it to let. We study two variants: with the Baltic or Vitebskiy train station. In early 2016 we will take final decision”, — said Governor of St. Petersburg.