The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation allocated to budgets of seven regions subsidies of 2.7 billion rubles

MOSCOW, December 28. The government of the Russian Federation, by order, has provided grants in the amount of 2.7 billion rubles to the budgets of seven Federation subjects. Relevant document posted Wednesday on the website of the Cabinet.

Including 1.4 billion rubles allocated for the balance of the consolidated budgets of republics of Kalmykia and Khakassia, the Amur, Astrakhan and Smolensk regions in order to Finance socially important spending regions.

In addition, 0.7 billion rubles will be allocated to subsidize electricity tariffs for end users of the Chukotka Autonomous district.

Another 0.6 billion used for financing the measures envisaged by 2016 in the framework of the Federal target program “Development of the Republic of Karelia for the period till 2020”.

The distribution of grants approved at the meeting of the tripartite Commission on interbudgetary relations.

In addition, the government has distributed subsidies to the regions that have achieved the best results on the socio-economic development of territories.

“Signed the decree allocated funds in the amount of 5 billion rubles between 20 Federal entities that have achieved the best results for the evaluation of socio-economic development of territories of subjects of Federation in 2014”, – stated in the accompanying certificate.

The first three places in Tula, Arkhangelsk and Leningrad regions.