The decline of the economy of Russia in November accelerated to 4%

Moscow. December 28. Russia’s GDP in November 2015 fell by 4.0% compared with November 2014, after falling 3.7% in October, according to a published Monday July.

In 11 months, according to the Ministry’s estimates, GDP fell by 3.8%.

Russia’s GDP, with the exception of seasonality, according to the calculations of the Ministry, fell by 0.3%, first time since June of the current year.

The positive balance of trading balance of the Russian Federation in November 2015 was $8.6 billion, a decrease compared to November 2014 by 36.8%. According to the Ministry, exports of the Russian Federation in October was $25.3 billion (decreased by 31.2% compared to November 2014 and 7.1% by October 2015), and imports were $16.7 billion (decreased by 27.8% compared to November 2014 and by 2.9% by October 2015).

The Ministry also predicts that inflation in Russia in December 2015 will continue to accelerate due to the weakening of the ruble amid falling oil prices and strengthening inflation expectations because of the expansion of grocery embargo. In November inflation was 0.8% compared to 0.7% in October and 0.6% in September, in the first three weeks of December to 0.6%.

January 1 comes into force a regime of bradenburg in respect of goods from Ukraine, as well as restrictions against Turkish imports.

From 1 January to 21 December, the inflation rate amounted to 12.7%, the annual forecast of Ministry of economic development – not more than 13%.