The head of the Krasnoyarsk region reported to Putin about the growth of investments and the addition of a small GRP

NOVO-Ogaryovo, December 28. Krasnoyarsk Krai can finish 2015 with a small increase in gross regional product (GRP) and the investment growth of 6%. This was announced Monday at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin the Governor of the region Victor Tolokonsky.

“We will finish the year with a gross regional product roughly the previous year’s level. Maybe half a percent will be a plus. We will increase investment, which is very important for us and it will be somewhere around 6% growth”, – he said. Overall, according to the Governor, the regional authorities put this year’s task not to lose the momentum of development and to combat price inflation, “in order to prevent reducing quality of life.” “I think that most of these problems have been solved”, – said Tolokonsky.

The head of the Krasnoyarsk territory has reported the commissioning of new industrial facilities – the Boguchany plant “RUSAL”, the new power unit at Berezovskaya GRES, new production technologies at the Mining and chemical plant and industrial innovation Park in Zheleznogorsk. According to Tolokonsky, the region is also agriculture – the yield was 24 quintals (hectares) “this is the biggest harvest from the Urals to the East of our borders”. “So for us important complementary production of meat, milk, several new large pig-breeding complexes, poultry farms are now beginning to develop, I want the main part of producing grain to process here,” said the Governor.

He drew attention to the work in the social field – enter a large cancer center, the construction of two new perinatal centers in Norilsk and in Achinsk.

Putin asked Tolokonsky, which he considers the most important and complex in the work of the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region it is. The head of the region answered that they thought it was important to convince the public and colleagues in local authorities, “the region is rich in resources, so rich economy that is unproductive to take the position: “That you give to us from Moscow, from the Federal government, then we will develop”. He said that in January of this year set the goal for six years in almost doubling the incomes of the regional budget. According to him, for the first year this task was able to increase the income of nearly 20 billion roubles, 20 billion plan to increase revenues in 2016.

Another of his task Tolokonsky called the shift of priorities toward strengthening science and education, increase social attractiveness of the Krasnoyarsk territory, “not to leave our gifted children in other regions”.

Also Tolokonsky emphasized that it was very important to enhance the level of human trust in regional and local authorities in the Krasnoyarsk region. “We had to convince that I in spite of her young age, seriously, for a long time that I live here, the family immediately arrived, that we are all together. I live by the same principles as all citizens of Krasnoyarsk,” – said the Governor.

Salary in the region grew

The salary in Krasnoyarsk region and in the whole economy and the public sector in the past year grew, although the regional authorities had to further spend about 3.5 billion rubles. About Victor Tolokonsky also reported to Vladimir Putin in a working meeting.

According to him, wages are “still growing”, so “in General, falling living standards are not much affected”. “People are a little bit more money, somewhere, maybe just saved, but in principle the position of economic and social remained stable,” – said the head of the Krasnoyarsk territory.

“This year, we mainly paid attention to those categories of public sector workers who were not monitored strictly by those professional groups and adopted a law that everyone working in the public sector, the subsistence minimum should be earning (if in employment) full-time, he said. – It took approximately 3.5 billion in annualized additional cost. Too consider them justified, because in school everything is important: the teacher, the dining hall, the worker, as in kindergarten, and in other budget areas, so this program running”.

According to Tolokonsky, in the region despite the difficulties confidently “stick” regulations “road maps” in average salaries. “This has led to quite a large growth in spending budget of the region, because in those years (2012, 2013 and 2014) we grew revenue and profit of the companies was not very effective, so we have a certain deficit. But we decided a number of very important social issues”, – said the head of the region.

Speaking of price inflation, Tolokonsky noted that to keep prices at an acceptable level since December of last year, the authorities organized a street fair. “We agreed with the commercial networks on the stabilization of prices for two dozen positions of essential commodities. Figuratively speaking, said: “If we don’t find understanding here, we’ll be there right under the nose of cars to trade with, to put up temporary structures,” he explained, noting that in this way managed to reach agreement on the price level.

The Governor recalled that this year’s price inflation “to two percentage points less than in Russia as a whole, and lower than in the Siberian Federal district”. “Let it, maybe reverse the whole situation, but still managed to hold back, we will have the commodities, food price inflation to 10%, 9,8-9,9”, – he reported to the President.

Putin instructed Tolokonsky pay more attention to the construction of housing

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed the Governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai Viktor Tolokonsky to pay more attention to the construction of housing. This is also were talking during a working meeting with the Governor.

“Given the fact that we now decide to build in small towns and district centers with housing for scarce professional, try to do the building complex nor how many are not lost, but rather gathered momentum throughout,” said the Governor. “I would like to give this more attention and support,” instructed President.

In General, according to Tolokonsky, this year housing construction increased by approximately 50 thousand meters, ie 5-6 percent. Including talking about the implementation of the programme of resettlement of dilapidated housing. “Due to the resettlement programme we are almost half from 1 million 250 thousand to 600 thousand meters, hand in small towns and district centers. And there is the share resettlement noticeable”, – said the Governor.

Tolokonsky also said that this year was practically solved the problem of the provision of childcare facilities. “Historically in the region, that’s a lot of departmental gardens were redeveloped and used so that their return was more expensive than new build. So for two years, 39 kindergartens. This year, 21 new.

About 12,5 thousand places in this year, – he reported. And in almost all cities and districts of the issue of the content removed. In the regional capital remains a little problem, we partially Finance today, the family where two children of kindergarten age, we my mother paid, how much it costs, so they were not unattended.”