The MAYOR: inflation in Russia since the beginning of the year amounted to 12.1%

MOSCOW, December 28. Inflation in Russia since the beginning of the year was 12.1%. This is stated in the monthly monitoring of economic development.

“In November, consumer inflation accelerated to 0.8% against 0.6% in September and 0.7% in October, with the beginning of the year it was 12.1 percent,” the document says.

Industrial production in Russia with seasonal clearance decreased in November on 0,6%.

“In November, according to the Ministry, the decline in industrial production in General, with the exception of seasonal and calendar components was 0.6% following positive dynamics in the past four months,” the document says.

About the trade surplus

The trade surplus of the Russian Federation in November in annual terms decreased by 36.8% to $8.6 billion, according to the MAYOR.

“The surplus in the trade balance in November 2015, at an estimated $8.6 billion, compared to November 2014 decreased by 36.8%”, – stated in the document.

Investments in fixed capital

Investments in fixed capital in Russia in November decreased by 1.1% against growth in October by 0.4%, indicate the Agency.

“The seasonal decrease purified and dynamics of investments in capital assets in November increased, amounting, according to the Ministry, to 1.1%”, – stated in the document.

Thus the MAYOR has adjusted the assessment of the dynamics of investment in October. Earlier monitoring in October saw a rise of 0.4 percent. This estimate is revised downward, that is, in October, investment in fixed capital fell by 0.2%.

In the MAYOR indicate that the decline of Russia’s GDP in November from seasonality was 0.3%, in 11 months to 3.8%.

The decrease in retail trade turnover

Retail trade turnover in Russia in November fell by a seasonal factor cleared by 0.8%, according to the MAYOR.

“Is the decline of retail trade turnover. With a seasonally adjusted rate of decline in November, as in the previous two months, was 0.8 percent,” the document says.

The level of GDP in November

The Department reported that the GDP of the Russian Federation in November with seasonality was 0.3%, in 11 months to 3.8%.

“Preliminary data for November showed a decline in economic activity. According to the Ministry, the index of GDP with the exception of seasonality amounted to minus 0.3% compared to the previous month,” reads the document.