The MAYOR: the Russians this year less actively bought before the new year holidays

The MAYOR: the Russians this year less actively bought before the new year holidays

MOSCOW, December 28. Russians in 2015 are not very actively buying consumer goods before the new year holidays, as evidenced by data for November. This is stated in the monthly monitoring of economic development with reference to the data of research holding ROMIR.

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“In previous years traditionally consumers are already in November, began new year’s eve purchases, increasing the volume of day to day expenses. According to experts, consumers somewhat reduced frequency of shopping. Apparently, they decided to save before the upcoming traditional December purchasing gifts and products for the festive table and for the long vacation, the savings demonstrated even those categories of consumers, consumer behavior which previously was different”, – stated in the monitoring.

This is true even for residents of million cities and small towns, experts say.

In November of the current year the index of consumer activity was below the values of the past, two years ago. Moreover, the value of the index in November was even lower than in 2012, which is observed for the first time.

“On the path to saving again returned representatives of low-income and middle-income groups who spend considerably in October. Unlike the crisis of 2008-2009 in 2015, the consumption of food products dropped as much as consumption of non-food products,” say the experts.

Reduced food consumption was a reaction to rising prices associated with the devaluation of the ruble and the effect of counter-sanctions, experts say. To reduce the consumption of non-food products, in addition to the devaluation, was affected by the reduced availability of credit: the increase of household loans was negative throughout the year.

Overall retail trade turnover in Russia in November fell by a seasonal factor cleared by 0.8%, said the MAYOR in monitoring.

Following the results of January-November 2015 retail trade turnover declined by 9.3%. While the turnover of retail trade of food products decreased by 8.9%, nonfood products – by 9.7%.