The structures of Alisher Usmanov sold a part of the package in Alibaba

Moscow. December 28. The structures of Alisher Usmanov in 2015 sold part of the shares of Chinese online retailer Alibaba Group.

“The online retailer Alibaba is already the financial (investment), because we are from this company at a high enough level coming out,’ said Usmanov in interview to TV channel “Russia 24″. – She was worth $250 billion will Have to leave a profit to other investors”.

According to Usmanova, the initial investment in Alibaba has grown 5-6 times.

Neither the share of the sold package, or the terms of the transaction nor its size.

The effectiveness of investment in another Chinese online retailer – – he estimated at four times.

Earlier in November last year, Usmanov said that investment in Alibaba Group brought him over 500% return. However, he noted that did not sell its stake in Alibaba during the IPO, and currently (November 2014) it remains “small”.