Ukraine in 2015 doubled its gas imports from Europe

Moscow. December 28. Ukraine in 2015 will increase the import of gas from countries of Europe twice – from 5 billion cubic meters in 2014 to 10.3 billion cubic meters.

According to “Ukrtransgaz”, from 1 January to 27 December 2015 gas imports from Europe amounted to 10.2 billion cubic meters, including from the beginning of December – 0.37 billion cubic meters.

Taking into account the daily application for 28 December in the amount of 13.1 million cubic meters (including from Slovakia – 10.6 million cubic meters, Poland – 2 million cubic meters, Hungary – 0.5 million cubic metres), for the remaining four days of December, Ukraine imported from Europe is about 50 million cubic meters of gas.

Gas supplies from Russia Ukraine suspended from November 26 due to more favorable price conditions of its imports from Europe. In the first 11 months of this year, gas imports from Russia to Ukraine amounted to 6.2 billion cubic meters versus 14.5 billion cubic meters of gas in 2014. Thus, imports of Russian gas in the current year will be reduced by 2.3 times.

As reported, according to the state statistics service, Ukraine in 2014 imported from Russia and Europe 19 billion 465,95 million cubic meters of gas at $5 billion 694,636 million, including from Europe – 5 billion 16,095 million cubic meters for $1 billion 754,516 million, from Russia’s 14 billion 449,855 million cubic meters for $3 billion 940,119 million