Volume of the program of support of mortgage rose to 600,7 billion

Moscow. December 28. The Ministry of Finance reallocated the limits of mortgage loans at the subsidized government rate, according to the order of the Department.

The total volume distributed by the Ministry limits amounted 600,66 billion rubles instead of the previous 554,35 billion. The limit of the total issuance under the program shall not exceed 700 billion rubles until March 2016.

As follows from the order of the Ministry of Finance, the limit of the savings Bank in accordance with its request has been increased from 200 billion to 225 billion rubles. Limit the Agency for housing mortgage lending (AHML) has also increased – from 32.3 billion rubles to 45 billion rubles, that is the amount the Corporation was initially requested.

Limit Sviaz-Bank now is $ 11,73 billion rubles instead of 5,12 billion, “the Delta-the credit” – 9,25 billion rubles instead of 5.75 billion, of Transcapitalbank – 7,67 billion rubles instead of 5,56 billion rubles. Also were less significantly increased limits and other banks involved in the program.

Launched in the spring of 2015 the program is for a period up to March 2016, with a possibility of extension of the project after evaluation of the results.

Initially the state planned to spend on the program, 20 billion roubles for granting preferential loans with a total volume of 400 billion rubles, but later the government increased the limit to 700 billion rubles, while government spending because of lower rates in the market remained at the same level of 20 billion roubles.

Mortgage loan subsidy program assumes a rate not exceeding 12% per annum, the initial payment – not less than 20% of the cost of the acquired property, the loan repayment period is not more than 25-30 years.