Euro for the first time since August has soared to 80 rubles

Euro for the first time since August has soared to 80 rubles

Moscow. December 29. Ruble strengthens decline on the Moscow exchange, the Euro reached and then exceeded 80 rubles for the first time since August, while the dollar came close to the turn of 73 rubles.

Continuing the second day in a row the fall of the ruble contributes to the retreat of world prices of oil that occurred on Monday, as well as buy currency on the eve of the Christmas holidays after the period of tax payments, experts say.

The dollar was worth 72,82 of the ruble in 11:58 GMT, adding to 59.5 kopecks to the previous closing. The Euro rose to 80,02 ruble, 80 kopecks. adding the Dollar continues to update the highs from December 2014, i.e. in about a year, the Euro rose to the highest level since August, i.e. 4 months.

Both currencies are rising fourth auction in a row, the dollar for this period has increased by 3.02 roubles (4.3 percent), Euro 3,84 rubles (5%), according to experts of “Interfax-CEA”.

Oil prices stabilized after a heavy fall early in the week. Futures for Brent oil for February is $36,7 per barrel (+0.2% and -3,4% yesterday), the price of WTI is $36,94 per barrel (+0,4%).

Saudi Arabia on Monday released a budget for next year in which the planned reduction of expenses by almost 14% due to low oil prices. “The situation with the budget is the recognition that changes in the dynamics of the oil market had an impact on Saudi Arabia, says CMC Markets chief analyst RIC Spooner. – What became quite clear over the past year, is that if the market over-delivery – prices will be under pressure.”