Manturov: the decline of industrial production in 2015, according to preliminary data, will amount to 3.3%

MOSCOW, December 29. The decline of industrial production in General in 2015, according to preliminary data, will be about 3.3%, in manufacturing – about 5%. About it on air of TV channel “Russia 24” said the Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov.

“In the different branches of the picture is completely different. But if we are talking about total numbers – of course, this will be done after receiving all the statistical figures by the middle of January. Preliminarily we can say that the decline in production will constitute approximately 3.3% and that for manufacturing industries – some more, about 5%”, – he noted.

The Minister explained that growth occurred in such sectors as agricultural machinery (+30%), pharmaceuticals (+12%), chemical industry (+7%) and defence industry (in particular, aviation and shipbuilding increased by 13%).

With regard to the industry development Fund, according to Manturov, according to the decision of the government of the Russian Federation and the President of the Russian Federation, next year it will be increased by 20 billion rubles.