Nikiforov: across the Kerch Strait in the Crimea began the construction of the second fiber optic line

SIMFEROPOL, December 29. /Corr. Alexey Konovalov/. From Krasnodar territory to Crimea is the construction of the second optic fiber, said the Minister of communications of the Russian Federation Nikolay Nikiforov.

“We are laying a second cable. In the future, perhaps there will be subsequent projects,” he said.

According to the Minister, this will provide the Peninsula with a stable connection.

Nikiforov recalled that on the first day of the reunification of Crimea with Russia were stopped radio channels with the Peninsula. “In April 2014 in record time completed the laying of underwater cable. This cable across the Kerch Strait securely binds the territory of the Krasnodar region and a core network of the Russian Federation from the territory of the Crimean Federal district”, – said the Minister.

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that the Republic will now be able to completely abandon the services and connection of Ukraine. “We periodically sound suggestions from the people about how to disconnect completely from Ukraine from the point of view of communication. There now comes a small amount, about 15-20% of the Internet. Today we can say that we are independent,” said Feldman.

New mobile operators

Nikiforov also noted that in 2016, Crimea will operate two new mobile operator. “We expect to launch at least two new mobile operators. We expect that this will happen in early 2016. We fully support”, – said the Minister.

Nikiforov stressed that the availability of competition in the mobile market particularly benefit the subscribers. “Quality is improving, prices are falling. It is always good. At us in Russia a good connection, one of the cheapest, if you compare the price all over the world”, – said the Minister of communications.

He also said that the sanctions do not prevent the launch of new mobile operators in the Crimea. “No one bothers, it just requires time, equipment supply, installation. Actually it’s not as easy as it seems,” said Nikiforov.

Currently in Crimea there is only one cellular operator “K-Telecom” (brand WIN mobile).