Putin supported the idea of the CCI to establish a single registry of non-tax fees

Putin supported the idea of the CCI to establish a single registry of non-tax fees

In Russian regions there are more than 50 non-tax levies, which pose a serious burden on business and in need of regulation, said the head Trading-industrial chamber Sergey Katyrin met with President of the Russian Federation.

MOSCOW, 29 Dec. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the proposal of the head Trading-industrial chamber (CCI) Sergei Katyrin to establish a register of non-tax payments and adopt a law for regulating payments.

Katyrin told Putin that, according to the study, in 15 regions of the Russian Federation has counted more than 50 non-tax, of codified fees. “This is a very serious burden on business. Very serious from the point of view of the amount of such taxes, although our experts say that this is not an exhaustive list. If you count carefully, including local, regional level, they will be even more. Although some regional (fees) we also tried to consider,” said Katyrin.

According to him, the small and medium-sized companies, as well as a large business seriously enough concerned about this load.

“Today, we estimate that the scale of these fees approaching 1% of GDP. They essentially close to what they may be called taxes – they are public, binding and irrevocable. In fact, this is a second tax system that is emerging,” — said Katyrin.

According to him, it is necessary to adopt a legislative act that will regulate all questions connected with such payments, and to enter the register of payments. “On those payments that were not included in the registry… to meet entrepreneurs don’t have to,” Katyrin said, adding that there are many similar payments, for example, ship, makovy, navigation fees.

The President of the Russian Federation noted that in this way the load increases and the control over how this happens, in fact.

Katyrin said that are not controlled by neither the order nor the magnitude of the estimates. At each collection there are different administration, that it is difficult for entrepreneurs and for the state. This is due to the need for the introduction of the registry, said the head of the chamber of Commerce.

“To entrust the such registry of the Ministry of Finance in order to controlled as well as Finance,” said Katyrin, adding that it will allow the state to understand the whole system of payments, but also to control them. Business, in turn, will be able to participate in the procedure for determining what will be included in such a registry, to control how spent such payments, said Katyrin.

“Of course, I agree. Definitely now look in more detail, because the business, in the end, anyway — is the fiscal burden in the form of tax or non-tax payment, what’s the difference,” agreed Putin.