“Rally Santa Claus” has overtaken the US stock market in the last session of the year

Moscow. December 29. Futures on U.S. stock indexes grow in the course of trading Tuesday: pre-holiday optimism, providing financial markets “rally Santa Claus”, overcame the wariness of investors.

However two of the three major indicators of the USA can end 2015 in the red: Standard & Poor’s 500 lost 1 January to 0.12%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average of 1.65 percent, and the Nasdaq Composite rose 6,44%.

December will probably be for the S&P 500 worst since 2002 (-1,2% since the beginning of the month which is usually marked by the growth). If the index finishes the year in the red, it will be the weakest result since the crisis of 2008, while growth will continue the series rally 2012-2014.

Global indicator MSCI All Country World lost this year to 3.6%.

“At the peak of yesterday’s sell-off but didn’t feel it was entirely justified, that’s why some rebound makes sense. Seasonal factor plays a positive role, but in sum it is difficult to expect a significant increase in the market before the end of the year in the absence of fresh news. Most people if expect in the next year lifting, just a moderate,” said chief investment officer at R&A Research & Asset Management Otto Waser.

Peace of mind to investors on Tuesday returned oil quotations that has ceased to fall: the February futures for WTI gained 1.2%, rising to $37,3 per barrel.

Shares of the pharmaceutical company Chimerix, which plunged on Monday by 81% due to weak results of the test drug against Ebola, has increased in price by 5.9% in the previous auction in new York on Tuesday.

The securities rate United States Natural Gas Fund rose by 1.8%, after rising by 9.5% on Monday amid continuing growth of prices for natural gas in the United States.

The market value of insurance broker Willis Group Holdings Plc, which will replace Fossil Group Inc. in the composition of the S&P 500 increased by 3.7%.

The value of the March futures E-mini S&P 500 index 16:37 GMT December 29, increased by 13.75 points (to 0.671%) concerning level of closing of the previous session, to 2062,5 item.

Quote of the March futures E-mini Dow Jones index rose by that time, 126 points (0,723%) to 17564 points. Futures for the NASDAQ-100 index increased by 33 points (0,715%), to 4646,75 item.