Russia is going to use the processor “Elbrus” in the substitution

Moscow. December 29. Russia plans to use Russian processor “Elbrus” for import substitution of foreign processors, its going to be used for government agencies, said the head of the Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov to journalists in Simferopol on Tuesday.

“Processors “Elbrus” – a unique Russian development. Especially emphasize the word “unique” very often we hear about various processors, but they are based on various foreign developments. “Elbrus” – a vivid example of the Soviet scientific school, academician Babayan decades has developed this technology. The processor is not similar, perhaps, today in the world,” he said.

According to the Minister, now these processors are used in many modern products of the military-industrial complex, and in the future can be used for the public sector. “We see it as a serious alternative for import substitution of foreign processors. This requires additional investment. We plan to conduct a number of additional research and development related to the introduction of this processor into practical use,” said Nikiforov.

According to him, “Elbrus” – small scale processor, so quite expensive, the goal is to produce more of such equipment, which will reduce the price of it. So now the task is to ensure a bulk order of”Elbrus”: tens of thousands – hundreds of thousands of units.

“The Outlook is very good, we will see how it works with our software how is adaptation, what other features of operation. We are going to introduce, necessarily,” he added.