Sevastopol and the Crimea: a large-scale personnel changes

Sevastopol and the Crimea: a large-scale personnel changes

SEVASTOPOL/SIMFEROPOL, December 29. On Tuesday it became known about several high-profile resignations in the government of Crimea.

The unexpected decision

Alexey Chaly said at a session of the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol that is retiring, said his adviser Alexei Filimonov.

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“Alexis said that last year and a half in Sevastopol nothing had been done to implement the concept of city development. He suggested the second number in the list of “United Russia” (the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo – approx.) to analyze the situation and make appropriate conclusions”, – said Filimonov.

Thus Chaly reserves the parliamentary mandate and will lead to legislative Assembly January session, said Filimonov.

The resignation of Alexei Chaly to the post of Chairman of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol was a surprise for the Governor of the city Sergey meniailo.

“For me, as for you, it was a surprise. I got a call on the phone. I have not heard his statement, and cannot comment on it,” he told reporters.

“I to the selection of Alexei Mikhailovich am respectful, but I something tells that it once again played emotions. There are objective and subjective difficulties that can be solved only together. I once again urge Alexei Mikhailovich to work together for the benefit of Sevastopol and its citizens,” the statement said meniailo, which sent his press Secretary Kirill Moskalenko.

“I regret the resignation of A. Chaly, although we often had disagreements. For my part, I always tried to find compromise solutions. I can only wish him success in certainly a new chosen path,” wrote Menyailo.

The resignation of Ministers

Also on Tuesday, the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov has accepted the resignation of the Minister of Finance of the Republic Vladimir Lewandowski. The corresponding decree published on the government portal.

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“To accept the resignation of the corner of Vladimir Petrovich and his release from public office of the Republic of Crimea Minister of Finance of the Republic of Crimea in accordance with the submitted statement” – the document says.

The Minister of industrial policy of Crimea Andrey Skrynnik also has submitted a letter of resignation, said the Agency Kryminform, a source in the government of the Republic.

“The post of Minister of industrial policy of Crimea prior to the appointment of the Director will perform the first Deputy Minister Konstantin Ravich,” informed the Agency.
Official confirmation of this information has not yet been reported.

The Minister of agriculture reported that information about his resignation comment until.

At the end of June 2014, the Minister of agriculture was involved in the case of fraud with the property of the Bakhchsarai DISTRICT. Later posts of any claims to the Minister by law enforcement agencies didn’t arrive.

Personnel changes

Yesterday during a press conference at the end of the year Aksyonov announced personnel shifts in the Crimean government.

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According to him, some officials are checking and “information is transferred in law enforcement bodies”.

This year in Crimea has changed several Ministers. In the middle of the summer deputies of the state Council has sent in resignation of the Minister of resorts and tourism of the Republic Elena Yurchenko, recognizing the work of the Department in preparation for the tourist season 2015 unsatisfactory. After the execution of the ambulance station in Simferopol took the head of Ministry of health Alexander Mogilevsky.

With the beginning of energokrizisa Aksenov dismissed the Minister of fuel and energy Sergey Yegorov and his Deputy. The work of all the officials in emergency situations is now studying the Prosecutor’s office.