Shares of U.S. companies with the worst recommendations of the rose in year 2015 at 3%

Moscow. December 29. Ten shares of American companies that had the best recommendations of analysts of wall street in January, in total lost 7% of its value since the beginning of the year, including dividends, according to calculations by Thomson Reuters and FactSet.

At the same time, a dozen papers with the worst ratings of experts rose by 3%, which was even better than the dynamics of the index Standard & Poor’s 500, which fell this year on 0,1%.

The difference in 10 percentage points between these two indicators is not normal, especially given the almost unchanged level of the S&P 500, MarketWatch notes.

For example, in January of this year, 12 analysts advised buying shares of NRG Energy, one to hold and no one recommended to sell them. From the beginning, the price of the securities of energy companies fell to 58%.

The most “refereed” in the beginning of the year was shares of financial firms Affiliated Managers Group and construction company Quanta Services, which to date fell respectively by 23% and 27%.

The least attractive experts in January included shares of insurer Assurant, the producer of canned soups Campbell Soup and Clorox, which manufactures household chemicals. However, they have risen from the beginning of the year, respectively 18%, 22% and 23%.

This is not the first year when expectations are so at odds with reality. Since the beginning of 2008, if someone were annually invested money in top-10 of the securities recommended by analysts, but now he would have received an income of 61%. At the same time investments in the securities of 10 companies with the worst ratings would be of 180%, i.e. three times more.

Investment in the S&P 500 index during that time would yield to 67%, which also exceeds the indicators of leaders ‘ recommendations.