“The messenger” sued MTS 77.7 billion rubles for violation of trademark rights

Moscow. December 29. Cypriot Trellas Enterprises Ltd., the head company of the Svyaznoy group filed a complaint against MTS to recover from operator compensation 77,65 billion rubles for violation of trademark rights, “the Messenger”, the message MTS.

We are talking about the use of the trademark “Svyaznoy mobile”, said the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov. Under this name the operator and retailer since November 2013 develop a co-branded project for the sale of sim cards.

“Currently we are studying the statement. We are extremely surprised that Trellas expresses disagreement with the use of the trademark “Svyaznoy mobile” in the framework of the joint project owned by the company (ZAO “Svyaznoy logistics”) and MTS. The use of the trademark was made on behalf of the very “Connected”, the company made a profit on the scheme of revenue share of subscribers, between project participants was a contract. Trellas owns “Connected” and could not know about it. All this may indicate the artificiality filed suit and alleged collusion between parent and subsidiary company”, – said Solodovnikov.

In the framework of the project “Svyaznoy mobile” retailer offered its customers to connect to the tariff plans, customer service, billing and the connection is completely provided MTS. Engage subscribers on tariffs “Svyaznoy mobile” retailer carried out at the expense of doroslovo offers, bonuses and discounts. The project was stopped in autumn, after the MTS stopped selling contracts to “Connected”.

By the end of 2014 “Svyaznoy mobile” was about 800 thousand subscribers.