The Russian foreign Ministry: US attempts to exclude Russia failed

MOSCOW, December 29. The United States attempts to achieve isolation of Russia are doomed to failure. This is stated in the message of the Russian foreign Ministry on the results of the outgoing year.

“Last year was the apparent failure of U.S. attempts to achieve “isolation” of our country, as eloquently demonstrated by intensive bilateral dialogue at summit and high levels, said in depodesta. – Continued collaboration with Washington in the areas where such cooperation is in Russia’s interests and the objectives of ensuring international security and stability, including the situations in Syria and Ukraine. The United States and Russia have made an important joint contribution to the achievement of a comprehensive agreement on resolving the Iranian nuclear issue”.

Equal dialogue

As noted in the Russian foreign Ministry, Moscow waits from Washington for the equal dialogue.

“By the hostile actions of Washington and the attempts of pressure on Russia was met with a response from our side, – stressed in the Ministry. – Consistently pointed to Americans on the need to respect the bilateral dialogue of the principles of equality, mutual respect and non-interference in the internal Affairs in the complete rejection of attempts to blackmail”.