Titov: action against Turkey should not affect the business in the Russian Federation

Titov: action against Turkey should not affect the business in the Russian Federation

When sanctions are interpreted too widely – this is wrong, said business Ombudsman Boris Titov to the correspondent. According to him, it is necessary to deal with excesses.

MOSCOW, 29 Dec. The economic measures of Russia against Turkey should not lead to disruptions in the Russian business due to “kinks” in the work of regulatory bodies, says business Ombudsman Boris Titov.

Wednesday authorized under the President of Russia for entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov met with representatives of the Association of Russian and Turkish organizations “Business cooperation”.

“We need to fight excesses. Sanctions sanctions, when those sanctions are interpreted too broadly – that is not very good. We believe that this is wrong,” said Titov at the end of the meeting to the correspondent.

The Ombudsman noted that sanctions are always limitations and, even despite the positive effect of these on the growth of production as import substitution in the long term, it is negative. “There should be competition, which will improve the quality of the goods. On the basis of the barriers we’re going to rot”, — said Titov.

According to Titov, for example, in Russia the factory Samsung is not Japanese, and Turkish, as part of the external investment activities of the company goes through Turkey. “Turkey is a shareholder of Samsung Russia, that is “daughter” Turkish Samsung. Under sanctions they don’t get, it’s Russian made. But pressure checking, etc.” — said Titov.

“I wish that all our people, including the officials, knew that the sanctions are limited, they have the corridor. Outside the corridor, nothing has changed,” added the Ombudsman.