Detained in Finland Yuri Efremov released

Detained in Finland Yuri Efremov released

HELSINKI, 30 December. /Corr. Nina Burmistrova/. Detained in Finland on request of the USA the citizen of Russia Yury Efremov released.

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This was reported by TASS his lawyer Markku Jakobsson.

“He released. Now it will take you to the other, where he will spend several days before returning to Russia,” he said.

For what have detained a Russian

According to Jacobson, the reason for the detention was the visit of Ephraim to the arms exhibition in the USA in 2011, where he acquired detail to the gun, which he then seized when leaving the country. The lawyer noted that his client did not know about that can take the purchase with you.

“He’s nothing criminal was done. It’s a small thing and I think he’ll get out soon,” said Jakobsson.

He added that the addressed with the corresponding statement in the circuit court of the city of Vantaa and 5 January or even earlier decision in the case of Ephraim can be taken.

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“Now he is kept in the remand prison in Vantaa. Yesterday we met with him it’s all right, feels OK, he is one in a camera can visit a local store,” said Jakobsson.

The position of the Russian foreign Ministry

Earlier, the Commissioner of the Russian foreign Ministry on issues of human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov said that Moscow considers unacceptable the possible extradition of Ephraim from Finland to the USA where he may face “justice on-American”.

“We consider inadmissible the extradition of Ephraim in the USA, where he, like many other Russians, could face openly politicized and biased “justice in America”, as well as the application of illegal measures of physical and psychological pressure to obtain the desired testimony, – said Debts. – We hope that in Helsinki understand the importance of our repeated explanations on this subject.”