Gazprom in 2016, expects to reduce volumes of gas transportation by 4%

MOSCOW, December 30. Gazprom in 2016, expects to reduce the volume of transportation of gas by 4% compared with the plan for 2015 is to 645,331 billion cubic meters, while the revenue for these services is expected to grow by 1% to 1,147 trillion rubles, follows from materials of the Russian gas holding.

Plan 2015 provided the volume of transportation in 672,455 billion cubic meters, revenue – in 1,135 trillion.

In particular, the volume of gas transportation from independent producers is expected to 148,398 billion cubic meters against 149,9 billion cubic meters in 2015.

The cost of providing services in 2016 it is planned in the amount of 958,377 billion rubles against 966,115 billion in 2015, for the capital repair of main production funds provided 105,461 billion rubles against 103,411 billion in the current year.