Lavrov urged the West to proceed from the logic that Russia is fighting in the Donbass

Lavrov urged the West to proceed from the logic that Russia is fighting in the Donbass

MOSCOW, December 30. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov urged the West to proceed from the logic that Russia is fighting in the Donbass.

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He declared it in interview to TV channel “Star”.

“Rumor has it that the frequency of ceasefire violations and ceasefire came after our VC started working in Syria, he said. – There is a theory that someone overseas or somewhere closer in the West wants to force Russia to fight on two fronts, based on the logic that we are fighting in the Donbass”.

The Minister stated that “to prove no one is still not able and not trying, because I know that this is all an attempt with false means.”

The EU considered an error confrontation with Russia over Ukraine

The EU considers the confrontation with Russia over Ukraine, but cannot say this publicly, said Russian Minister.

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According to the Minister, it is sometimes difficult to understand the true cause of the recent actions of Western politicians towards Russia.

“Sometimes what they say from the podium, contrary to what they tell me one on one, when no one is listening – said Lavrov. One by one the vast majority of EU member States said to me the things that I think are reasonable: a mistake to go for confrontation with Russia over Ukraine, who was victim of the policy of the European Union, which tried to put her in front of this choice.”

“We didn’t do that. The next morning, Ukraine broke the agreement, marched the French, poles and Germans, instead of a government of national unity was anti-constitutional armed coup government – continued the Minister. – They all say that now things will settle down a bit, it is necessary to perform the Minsk agreement, and we can go back to normal interaction, strategic partnership. When they all gather together and speak from the podium, they can’t pronounce”.

Lavrov reminded about the initiative of Italy is not just automatically extend EU sanctions against Russia, and to discuss these restrictive measures. “It is such a small example, exceptions to the rule. I don’t know, it’s probably some kind of mutual responsibility, they have there the principle of solidarity,” he said.