Putin congratulates world leaders on New year and Christmas

MOSCOW, December 30. President Vladimir Putin congratulated merry Christmas and happy New year to US President Barack Obama. About it reported in a press-service of the Kremlin.

“The past year has confirmed that relations between Russia and the USA are one of the key factors in ensuring international security,” reads the congratulatory message of the Russian leader. “The Russian head of state also expressed their conviction that, building constructive dialogue and cooperation taking into account each other’s interests, Russia and the United States could effectively counter new challenges and threats to assist in the settlement of crises in various regions”, – noted in press service.

The Russian President greeted world leaders with the upcoming holidays, including French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the British Queen Elizabeth II and the Prime Minister of the country David Cameron.

In his message to Merkel, Putin noted that “2015 confirmed the importance of close cooperation between Russia and Germany to ensure European security, to effectively address current international problems and confront challenges and threats facing modern humanity.” “Putin also expressed hope for further joint work to strengthen Russian – German partnership in the interests of the peoples of the two countries and the entire continent,” – said in the Kremlin.

“In the congratulatory message addressed to Hollande, the President of Russia stressed that the Russian-French relations in the past year have evolved in a constructive manner, despite the complication of the international situation”, – noted in press service. “The tragedy experienced by our people, leave no doubt as to the need for real cooperation in the fight against terrorism, countering other threats and challenges to global security”, – stated in the message. “Putin also highlighted that Russia and France have a lot of work for the further strengthening of partnerships in various areas”, – stated in the message of the Kremlin.

Congratulating Prime Minister of great Britain and Queen Elizabeth II, Putin noted that “hopes for fruitful cooperation between Russia and Britain in the coming year and the effective interaction of two countries in addressing the pressing issues of the European and international agenda, in countering threats and challenges to global security”.