Rogozin: weapons used in Syria, put the Russian army in a “different League”

MOSCOW, December 30. Weapons used in Syria, put the Russian army in a “different League”, said in an interview to “Russia-24” Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. He added that he received combat experience will be carefully analyzed.

“In Syria we see only a part of the armed forces, we see mostly VKS RF, our aviation, and front and army, but we see that already our army in this part there moved to a different League, he said. From the look of our pilots and technicians servicing our equipment before they use weapons”.

Rogozin stressed that no euphoria and propaganda is not here.

“We have carefully studied the combat experience of our modern weapons,” – said the Deputy Prime Minister, adding that the goal was to “hit the enemy”, hiding in bunkers, shelters, trying to hide among the civilian population. while Rogozin is sure that this test of Russian arms were successful.

“If we do not carefully would be attacked, it would involve a large number of related fatalities. Imagine what a howl would Russophobic against us, but it did not, he said. – Why? Yes, because we beat a lot of money”.