The coat of arms of the Russian Federation will appear on the Russian coins in 2016

MOSCOW, December 30. State emblem of the Russian Federation will be represented in 2016 the obverses of the coins of all the coins, the design of which is currently used the logo of the Bank of Russia. This is stated in the message of the Central Bank.

“In world practice it is accepted to depict on the coins or the state emblem, or the emblem of the emission center”, – stated in the message. The Bank of Russia adds that he began to mint coins with their emblem in 1992, when the state emblem of the Russian Federation has not yet been approved.

The parameters of mass and dimensions, as well as the physical characteristics of coins with the new obverse type of will not change.

The regulator points out that all the coins of the Bank of Russia in circulation at the present time, will continue to remain a legitimate means of cash payment in territory of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, the Bank of Russia has already used the image of the state coat of arms on the commemorative coins dedicated to the Olympic games in Sochi.