The most popular topics in the media-2015: dollar, Euro, oil

The most popular topics in the media-2015: dollar, Euro, oil

Moscow. December 30. The theme of the dollar and the Euro, as well as the price of Brent oil in the past year were more popular than ever. This year all of these subjects reached the maximum performance mentioned in the media. About the dollar in the Russian media for 2015 appeared currently 94233 messages, according to the data service monitoring and analysis of the information field “SCAN-Interfax”.

The Euro was writing at least – was published 42126 messages. Dynamics of publications on the Euro and the dollar was approximately the same and followed the change of course, coincide with peaks.

The greatest number of messages was released in January of 2015, after the collapse of the ruble in late 2014.

Following increases in the last August, when the Euro and dollar once again updated the highs, then the interest in the currency began to decline, but soared over the growth rate at the end of December 2015. Most references to dollar exchange rate explained by traditional binding journalists in the price level against the us currency. Discrepancies, warm summer months, when the background of General stability courses have been increased references to the Euro linked to the holiday season and raised prices for holidays in Europe as topics for the media.

The decline in the cost of Brent crude oil the number of mentions of the topic in the press this year has consistently increased, providing the maximum in the annual figures for recent years: in 2010, the Russian media have published 9946 messages, in 2011, 23739, 2012 – 20760, 2013 – 23047, 2014 – 27093, and in 2015 – already 35280.